Helen Murphy

What else is a Mathematics graduate to do, except make the natural move into the glamorous world of, ummm, television?

After working on a few short films, fate eventually led Helen to post production facility, The Farm, where not only did she discover her passion for sitting in small dark rooms (aka The Edit Suite) but it's also where she first met Tess. Here they bonded as runners - making of cups of tea that weren't for them, fitting Tess into a laundry sack and getting through many, many cheese toasties.

After 2007's Tashtastic, Helen and Tess soon made a pact that they just had to - HAD TO - make it to Alaska for 2009's competition. And after merely being editor for Tashtastic, Helen now took on the mantle of camera woman, co-producer as well as co-editor. Basically, she can't get enough of them there 'tashes.


Interesting Fact
It was Helen who first introduced Tess to the world of moustaches. Who'd have thought that an off-hand mentioning of some random thingy that was happening down Brighton way, would lead to a 3 year adventure of all things facially hairy!

Favorite beard
The Alaskan Whaler