Lizzy Doe

Artist, Musician, Designer, Photographer and veritable Jill-Of-All-Trades, Lizzy comes from a long and dubious line of "General Dealers" and "Journeymen". She started her entrepreneurial career at the age of aproximately 7 years, when she and her cousin attempted to sell stones to tourists on a stoney beach in South Wales.

Born in York, Lizzy grew up near Cambridge, spent four years in the West of Ireland studying for a degree in folk music, lived in London for a year, in sunny (not) SW Scotland for a year, and is now back in the Cambridgeshire Fens. She works freelance as an Artist, Photographer and Designer, and does the odd bit of music-related activity.

She has nomadic ambitions and would quite like to photograph/facepaint her way around various continents.

Lizzy is particularly interested in yoga, languages, avocados, antique tribal embroidery, and deserts.

Interesting Fact
Lizzy grew up next door to Tessa, and changed the spelling of her name from -ie to -y while in primary school, because a friend told her it would be cooler. She is no longer that easily influenced.

Favorite beard
Almost total facial coverage, as sported by her father