Tessa Morgan

Tessa's first encounter documentary filmmaking was at the age of 16 when she terrorised her chickens with a camera while being pushed around in a wheel barrow, since then she has never looked back.

At 18 she moved to London where she embarked on an invaluable career in Post Production at The Farm Group. It was here that learnt everything from how to make tea for important people to how to solder a cable but most importantly acquired the skills to post produce her own projects.

In 2006 she fled the nest of the Farm after a chance encounter with Mike Leigh and some fire place tiles led her to the offices of Thin Man Films and Potboiler Productions. Under the inspirational glow of Mike Leigh, Simon Channing Williams and their extraordinary team, she absorbed as much as she could about what it takes to produce a project right through from development to distribution. It was during this time that she filmed 'Tashtastic' the 3 min short film and the spring board for 'Tashalaska'.

This film would not have been possible without our amazing team of facial hair enthusiasts, I feel very privileged to be working with such a brilliantly talented group of people, your effort, creativity and patience has been astounding...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!


Interesting Fact
Recently discovered she likes leeks.

Favorite beard
Mutton chops/partial goatee